Critical illness cover

When someone in the family falls seriously ill it affects everyone around them; should that person be the one who brings in a wage, then things can become even more fragile.

At Expedite Finance, we have helped many clients plan for this unfortunate eventuality by advising them on the right critical illness cover policy for their personal circumstances, and we believe that it is an essential consideration for anyone who has a family and a mortgage.

Why do you need critical illness cover, what is it, and how does it work? Let us explain in a little more detail.

What is Critical Illness Cover?

Critical illness cover is an insurance policy that will pay out an agreed amount if the policy holder falls ill with any of the specified diseases or illnesses named in the policy. It should be noted that these policies are very specific as to what is and is not covered, yet will provide a great deal of peace of mind for you and your family. After all, we all know that critical illnesses can affect even the most seemingly healthy people, and in a very short time your world can be turned upside down, and your financial security threatened.

In brief, this is how it works: you agree to a policy – Expedite Finance will talk you through the options and find the best policy suited to your needs and budget – and pay the monthly premium. If you are diagnosed with any of the illnesses specified, the policy will pay out the agreed sum. Critical illness cover is usually not a stand-alone product but is added to a life insurance policy when you agree terms to one. You may also find that cover for your children is included within the terms.

For example: a husband and father of three young children, also the working man of the house, is suddenly diagnosed with a type of cancer that is life-threatening. Without the critical illness cover he would have to take time off work and, in the long run, would likely lose income. With the cover, he would be party to a cash payment that would help him and his family with the mortgage, bills and other expenses that come naturally. For the price of a few pounds per month, such cover could prove to be an essential addition to your outgoings.

Not all forms of cancer, heart attack and stroke are covered under a critical illness policy so it’s vital that you get a policy that is suitable for your personal circumstances, and this is where Expedite Finance and our wealth of experience in the world of insurance come into play. We will carefully consider all available options and find the most suitable policy for your needs and budget. Call us on 0800 2012 148 and speak to a friendly member of our team. We’ll be more than happy to help with all your questions surrounding critical illness cover or indeed any other matter.

For mortgages, we can be paid by commission from the lender and a client fee of £395 paid on completion of the mortgage.

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