Life insurance

Life insurance is an essential consideration for anyone with a family. There are many things to evaluate whilst looking for the best package, but the most important objective is to make sure that your family is financially secure should the unthinkable happen. Think of all the expenses that need to be covered in the event of your death: the mortgage, bills, everyday living costs, school fees and much more are all part of daily life, and you need to make sure that these are all in hand.

The information below should help give you a better understanding of the different types of life insurance available but if you’d like to speak to a member of our team straight away, call 0800 2012 148 and we’ll be happy to talk you through the options.

Level Term Assurance

Level Term Assurance is a standard form of life insurance that is designed to make sure your family is generally covered financially. Put simply, you pay an agreed monthly sum to the insurance company and, in event of your death, within the term of the policy, your beneficiary will receive either a lump cash sum or regular payments to an agreed amount. This payment is there to keep up the mortgage, the bills and so on, hence your family remains secure.

Mortgage Term Assurance

One of the main worries for those with families is that, in the event of their death, those remaining will not be able to keep up payments on the mortgage. Mortgage Term Assurance is a life insurance policy designed specifically to ensure that the mortgage is paid should you die within its term of existence. The security provided by such a deal is of great comfort, and Expedite Finance has helped many clients find the best mortgage term assurance deal for them

As with all insurance products, life insurance can be enhanced by additional clauses. For example, it is possible – and in some cases advisable – to add Critical Illness Cover to either of the above. In brief, this is a policy designed to pay out an agreed amount should you be diagnosed with a specified illness during the term of the agreement. This helpful form of insurance can bring great peace of mind, and we have covered it in more detail on a separate page.

Do I Need Life Insurance?

If you have a family, and especially if you have a mortgage, then we at Expedite Finance believe the answer is a resounding yes; life insurance not only adds peace of mind to you, but reassures your loved ones that they will not be left footing a large bill in the event of your death or should you become critically ill.

Expedite Finance can help you find the best life insurance policy for your individual needs, and help provide reassurance to you and your family that they’ll be financially secure should the worst happen.

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